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What We're All About

Sunrise J Co is a boutique farm and creative workshop located in Worley, ID. We (Colton and Freya Jensen) established Sunrise J as a brand in 2016 while preparing for our wedding. It was one of six options we submitted to the State of Idaho and we were thrilled when we received confirmation that our first choice was ours to keep.

Colton grew up on a farm and cattle operation in Southern Alberta and Freya was raised in the backwoods of North Idaho. We both have strong western roots and a love of agriculture, something we enjoy sharing with others. Both of us work full time in the agriculture industry in different facets. Part of what we love about Sunrise J is that it gives us another way to share the things we love with our community.

We are committed to being the salt and the light in this world, adding value while living out our divine purpose . We focus on utilizing the gifts and tools that we've been blessed with, blooming where we are planted - quite literally! In fall of 2019, Freya decided to start a small cut flower farm on our property and with a lot of hard work, it is flourishing. She's been putting together custom arrangements all year and has thoroughly enjoyed being the "flower lady".

We moved our family, critters and the farm out of Post Falls down to Worley in August of 2021. It has been a wonderful change of pace for us and will allow us to pursue our dreams for our family and business to a much higher degree. We are so looking forward to sharing our new farm with you in new ways, coming soon!

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