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2020 - Woah.

I've been really lousy at keeping my blog current, clearly. In fact, this is my first post since December. Whoops! Truth be told, it has been a really, really, really busy few months. Man. Add a "Stay Home" mandate to that and this year has already been one for the books, and we're only three months in!

I'll start with a farm update first, because that's some fun stuff to chat about. I've been hoarding seeds all winter and about a month ago I finally go to start some of them in our basement greenhouse! Funny story about that. Colton thought I'd burn the house down (still standing, so far) and we had an appraisal done on our house the other day during which I made a point of telling the appraiser exactly what my "basement grow operation" was producing. Appraisal went trough fine, so apparently he believed me.

Currently in the greenhouse I have a variety of flowers and a whole bunch of veggies starts, plus some textural greens. Most of the veggies will go to my mom's new nursery in Sandpoint (opening in May, I'll post more on that sometime soon) but I'm saving a few back for our family this year. I wasn't planning to have a veggie garden but I've been reminded by recent events that a certain level of food independence is important. Oh, there are also a bunch of succulents currently, as I'm in the process of thinning mine out to supply the nursery. The greenhouse is so happy right now!

Our front porch is currently housing a bunch of flats of anemones and ranunculus (pictured above) which I'm hoping to plant out tomorrow after my frost cloth arrives. This whole quarantine thing has been kind of a catch 22 for me, but mostly a blessing. I was definitely at a super stressful point with my job (it's my busy season right now), trying to start seeds and also do the wife/mom/decent human thing. The forced slow down was immensely welcome. The fact that soil is expensive to ship and Colton had me on lock down before there was a lock down has been a challenge. I think I've found a local source who can deliver what I need, so that's promising!

In other news, Colton and I have been feeling like we really needed to find a way to be of service in the current state of affairs with our country. We've been toying with a few ideas for a while and it all came together this weekend. You can read more about what we're up to on the Harvest & Home tab on our website. I'm REALLY excited about this. Colton and I are both passionate about small agriculture and supporting local businesses. Being able to connect some of my customers for my "day job" with their ideal consumer is a win win. They have great products that people are going to love. AND we are teaming up with some other locals that have amazing products like COFFEE and DRY SHAMPOO that are 100000% essential. Always.

There are lots of updates to the website and more to come this week! SOON you'll be able to order the products I mentioned above as soon as I figure out how best to upload them in the format we're trying to fit... My eyeballs hurt right now so it's probably not happening tonight.

Friends, I want you to know we are praying for you. I know that this is a very trying time for many but in all of this I KNOW there is good that will come out. Romans 8:28 is always on repeat in my head and it's so fitting right now. I pray you're able to use the extra time at home to sow your own seeds, whether in the garden or just learning something new. Reading that book you've had on the shelf forever. Teaching your kids something that's normally too time consuming. Keep your perspective on the good, pray through the bad and it will all turn out ok in the end. LOVE YOU!!!

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