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So God Made a Flower Farmer

I don’t believe in coincidences. My friends will probably make fun of me for starting off with that sentence. In Freya speak (aka always say things in a positive way, even if they are negative statements) I should have started with “everything happens for a reason”, but that just sounds so cliché.

To be honest, I haven’t spent a lot of time in a very positive place this year. It’s been a time of grinding, hustling and barely scraping by. A season of sowing and watering with a minimal harvest. If I was a farmer, I’d definitely be calling my husband (he’s a crop insurance adjuster) to report some hefty losses in certain areas.

Looking back from what I believe to be the beginning of the end of this season, it really has been a time of pruning in so many ways. I’ve left behind relationships, organizations, business pursuits, clutter (SO much clutter) and parts of my life that just didn’t serve my family and I well anymore. I cleaned house literally and metaphorically both. Ok, I’m still working on the house, let’s be real here.

After going rounds and rounds with my own head and heart, trying to figure out what direction to point my energy and focus in, I’ve decided to pursue what seems like the very LEAST practical thing that I could possibly do. All present circumstances considered. I am starting a flower farm. Yep. A real live farm. After the sowing and pruning of the past season the real digging begins. Isn’t that fitting?

In the middle of my tug o' war of the heart and mind, I received a email from a flower farmer that I've been following for about a year now. It sparked this idea, and the more I looked around me at the things that I cherish and love, the things that give me peace and purpose, the more it started to make perfect sense. I cried out for answers and God provided, abundantly.

I promise to share my journey here, and keep you all up to date on what I’m learning (and probably what I mess up) along the way. This is going to be fun.

Side note- the day after I wrote this post I ended up having to go in for an emergency appendectomy. $@%!? Seriously. Soil samples have been sent, planting is still on schedule for a small plot this fall and we will persevere regardless. I may have ripped a stitch or two lifting things I should have asked for help with (go figure) but I’m bound and determined to get this going!

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